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Why Go: The benefits of Golang This is a higher-level overview of what by Julien Etienne

Have you ever tried to pick a testing framework for a Javascript project you are starting from scratch? If so, you might understand that struggle of going through such an analysis paralysis. You might have also realized that you were not using like 80% of the framework you have chosen.

This makes it highly speedy for developers as they need not write all the codes over & over again. According to the Github stats, The Go community has grown by 147% since 2020. Golang, specially designed for complex business projects, has been an optimum choice for many of the strongest global brands. With Golang Documenting Python Code: A Complete Guide being one of the most in-demand programming languages on the market, the question should not be, why should you use Golang, but rather when to start using it. No software development kit for third-party interfaces means extra code will have to be written by the team to connect multiple pieces of software.

What are the benefits of doing a Project GO summer study?

Go is a higher-level language with automatic memory management without the need for intervention. So you can focus on the more important aspects without too much compromise on performance. Not everybody likes the idea of automatic garbage collection, but productivity ICO Development Company ICO Development Services is the theme here. I love writing code that is self-documenting, idiomatic and maintainable. Sometimes, there’s a specific need for another language–the tooling for data engineering in Python is excellent, and we use a lot of Python for that.

If not, the available libraries in Go are often excellent for the needs we have, and the tooling that you get with Go is really hard to beat. All of our API services are written in Go, and we have a number of commands which are also written in Go that we run as one-offs or on regular schedules. Chief Technology OfficerPeter Evanssaid Go is a great programming language for all ranges of experience. Still, language, runtime and standard libraries can have a large effect on perfor­mance. This discussion is limited to high-level issues and design decisions.

In comparison to Node.js, Golang is very lightweight, and its performance characteristics are similar to C/C++. When it comes to real-life performance, both technologies demonstrate identical results. When database interaction or net network communication are involved, Node.js and Go are often equal and work at similar speeds. Gofmt, after configuring gofmt in the editor, makes the code style of everyone unified. When working together in the team, this tool is extremely useful, no longer need to set a lot of mandatory code specifications. Support for multiple return parameters, a language feature I liked when I wrote Python before, and it is also very handy in Golang.

Golang is also a platform independent language same as java. The code compiled is converted is converted to a binary form which is as small as possible. The code can be compiled on any platform or application you want to. You don’t have to write different codes for different platforms. It is used for different platforms like Windows, Linux , Unix and many more. GoLang is a compilation language which can be compiled to machine code and the compiled binary can be directly deployed to target machine without extra dependency.

advantages of go

With distributed development teams, you don’t need to search for local talents. You can choose developers you need by gaining access to a global, almost unlimited pool of technical talent. The tech market is filled with companies that successfully embraced the distributed development team model despite its seemingly “too innovative” or “unreliable” nature. Even more so, presumably, 88% of executives support the idea of remote work, according to the recent report conducted by Buffer. Still, some executives have preconceptions about remote development or that Agile methodologies won’t fit with remote engineering teams. Distributed software development means an operating model where the company has multiple remote engineering teams.

There are also a wide variety of practical online tools for management and planning . The organization that successfully implements these techniques is more likely to have a productive distributed development team management, given that it streamlined effective communication process. Go is a statically-typed and compiled programming language.

Go is the language of the cloud

All that said, concurrent programming is taken very seriously in Go and, luckily, we have quite a powerful tool to hunt those race conditions down. This article does not require any prior experience with the language. I have included a few extra links at the bottom, in case you would like to learn a bit more.

advantages of go

Furthermore, given the enhanced reliability of these programs, the scope of error is significantly diminished, and the overall efficiency enhanced manifold. But, it is also imperative to understand that this aspect preserves the program till the end. Alongside the effective safeguarding that functional programming offers by using pure functions, this method makes functional programming languages more secure than others.

Go was explicitly engineered to make life easier for “the working programmer” — particularly systems and infrastructure programmers — by folks many consider luminaries within computer science. One of Golang’s biggest advantages is that it offers the clarity and ease-of-use that other languages lack. Golang’s advantages make it easy for new programmers to quickly understand the language and for seasoned veterans to easily read each other’s code. Build speeds, in absolute terms, are currently fairly good. More importantly, Go isdesigned to make compilation and dependency analysis easy, making it possible to create programming tools that scales well with growing projects. The separate features of a language may look great at first, but it takes time and experience to spot the drawbacks.

It can support almost all features seen in other languages such as inheritance, overloading, object etc. Google had launched Golang as a modern programming to solve the cloud computing issues. It has been rightly identified as one of the future-based technology. It also sorted the issues of the modern hardware architecture ass well. It is a bit difficult for programmers to develop multiple footprints of functions with Golang. Go Developers might find it troublesome to deal with projects requiring multiple patching of programs or using SDK for 3rd party interfaces.

Built-in testing

This feature is unique to Golang and is often perceived as strange and redundant , but in fact, it makes error handling more explicit and easy. You might be happy to hear that you are wrong about Go going the Java way. Since Go 1.0, the Go team made it clear that the focus is on keeping the language small and stable.

  • Go comes with a built-in testing tool designed for simplicity and efficiency.
  • Coping with the volume of transactions, requests, and general activity that comes with a growing number of users is standard for more developed startups.
  • Thanks to the Golang increasing society, Golang is growing very fast.
  • If you’re an expert Golang dev looking for some awesome new gig try remote work through Turing.

Thus, these are Golang advantages that eliminate these extra steps and offer better speed. Java, Python, and JavaScript frameworks have been dominating backend development for years, but new languages are close on their heels. Let’s reveal how Golang works similarly to other popular backend programming languages and what features make Go unique. To be executed, code written by developers has to be translated into machine code that processors understand.

Hundreds of startups chose Golang to build backends, microservices, and more. Previously, SendGrid’s backend was written in Python/Twisted, but now the company has switched to Golang. The main goal was to cope with the challenging task of sending over 500 million messages per day, and provide scalable application programming interfaces . That Golang tools — its inbuilt source formatting tool and testing framework, a great linter, lots of tools to perform static analysis, and more — are also very helpful. Unlike its predecessor, C, and competitor languages, Go promises simplified development and faster software.

Thus developers can focus more on solving an actual problem rather than spending a lot of time understanding the complex syntax. Go is a Statically typed language.When the variables are explicitly declared and are determined at compile time then the languages are called as statically typed languages. Discover the right-fit custom Golang web framework for the needs of your application or software development project in this expert guide by GogoApps. GoLang is a static language but it gives a feeling of dynamic language to developers.

Go Does Not Need Web Frameworks

In theory, Go’s simplicity can be seen as its weakness when it comes to advanced coding language features. Go is compilable on nearly any machine, so you can use it to create a full webapp or a tool to clean up incoming data for processing. Like Perl before it, Go is a Swiss Army knife, but one that has stripped off all of the overhead and extra junk that has accreted onto programming platforms over the past few decades.

  • The Go compiler allows you to generate executable binaries for different operating systems with simple commands.
  • We’ve witnessed a significant shift in Java’s ecosystem over the last few years, thanks to the rapid growth of open-source frameworks and tools like Spring.
  • The company integrates, normalizes and categorizes otherwise siloed data sources to build a unified supplier data model, with a range of functions to provide analytics and updates in real time.
  • It is quite evident that Golang as a programming language is growing rapidly and one of the significant reasons pertaining to it is the support of large community.
  • Like other programming languages, R also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, learning Go is very easy if you are familiar with C or have a sound knowledge of C. On the flip side, the syntax of Python utilizes simple English keywords. Also, it eliminates the use of semicolons after the end of a statement and curly brackets to delimit the blocks.

Because of its features like, static type checking, good performance and simplicity Dailymotion has developed many of its services on Golang. Uber is using Golang programming language to write many of its services. Geobase is a services of uber written on Go programming language. This service of Uber helps to match the riders with the drivers. Go programming language powers a majority of QPS services at Uber and company is using Go for most of its work now.

This is fine for me as there are many programming languages that don’t support overloading. But why does the make function come with so many variations? It conduct hundred of test on Golang for the verification of their automation system. Golang is very fast ,reliable and powerful therefore many companiesuse it for automation testing.