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How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

This might take some extra planning — especially if there’s not a commercial kitchen onsite. But the payoff is well worth it when you create an unforgettable evening. A presentation like this will be easier to remember because, in reality, there is only one thing to actually remember. By doing this, you will greatly impact your audience and make your message memorable and, therefore, easier for people to reference and recall.

That’s also why we opted for a standing cocktail party format rather than a seated potluck or dinner party format. What’s more, the office holiday party is just around the corner—and you’re charged with the seemingly insurmountable task of organizing it. Between choosing the right venue, stocking up on enough drinks, finding a DJ that doesn’t How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021 suck, and making sure that everything is COVID-safe, it can be quite daunting. There are plenty of good helicopter companies out there so take your time, read some reviews and choose wisely because choosing the wrong one can hurt the overall experience. On the plus side, helicopter tours can be cheap if you book them in advance!

The Workplace Events Calendar: Office Events for Every Part of the Year

This outing doesn’t involve much employee-to-employee interaction, but it solidifies strong community bonds within your company. This company outing is a crowd pleaser with a bit more flare than a typical wine tasting excursion. Employees will get a kick out of playing an old-school game that’s relatively rare in the States. Bring picnic blankets, and set up tables with beverages and snacks to make the observation as much fun as the game play. You can even encourage employees to dress up in their croquet best to add an extra sense of ceremony.

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

This will give you a set budget that you can easily stick to. However, what you have to be wary of concerning vacation loans is the interest rate, which could fall between 1% to 6% of your loan amount. This is why a much safer option is to start saving far in advance of your trip. Since 1994, McVeigh Global has been providing innovative, cost effective meeting management and event production solutions on a global level. A significant component of this is their specialization in life science and pharmaceutical meetings, congresses and incentives.

Ways to Make Your New Business/Product Launch Parties Unforgettable

It was a really fun, mini-event with people from different teams. It ended up being a great opportunity for them to mingle and get to know each other—not to mention, try some really delicious food. It’s easy to get carried away with planning the fun part of the party. But, this year, in particular, make health and safety your top priority, always respecting the measures and restrictions your local government has set. Set clear guidelines on how your employees are expected to behave at the party, including when to wear masks. Remember that you should empower your people to act like owners and take responsibility for their behavior. LUXICoach is a company that gives mothers some guidance into the business world and teaches them how to be ambitious and happy, while balancing their personal and working life.

The organizers re-created the feel of the popular strip known for its craftsman-homes-turned-bars inside a convention center, right down to the multiple beer gardens. By aligning an engaging and location-relevant corporate theme with their customer’s brand, AgencyEA created a successful event that will be replicated in 2019. Noggin Oil is a hair-care company in Los Angeles that held its launch party in an original way, offering only vegan food and vegan wine that would match their vegan air products.

Go For Simple and Clear Invitations

This awards event for a luxury hotel chain skipped the on-the-nose theme and opted for atmosphere instead. To promote Epson’s new EcoTank printers that come loaded with two years’ worth of ink, the iDEKO Production team developed the “Swimming in Ink” concept. The U.S. National Synchronized Swim Team performed in a 17,000-gallon tank in Times Square that was colored in the traditional ink colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow. As an attendee swag, guests could print photos of the event from EcoTank printers, which served to incorporate the new product as part of the overall experience. A corporate hotel management company threw an intergalactic party for guests in a glass-ceilinged atrium to set the mood. Guests were greeted by LED space dancers and could hit the LED dance floor alongside even more dancers in mirrored suits.

These creative “imaginations” are giving more people access to powerful and moving experiences. Event apps, managing digital content for events or exhibitions are just a few of their hybrid event capabilities they possess to ensure brands are connected to both the real and the digital world. Add other experiences into the mix — elements like live music, photo booths, or even horse-and-buggy rides. More than half of food and drink festival attendees told us they are more likely to choose a festival that has more to it than a great food spread. In reality, most people will remember one idea from your talk six months from now anyway, so wouldn’t it make sense for you to be crystal clear on what you’d want that one thing to be? When I coach business owners who want to put together their signature keynote, I often hear them say I want to speak on X (leadership, business growth, etc.). If you have the budget, pass out catalogs and Sharpies, and give each employee a spending limit.

The Only Corporate Event Planning Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Most of us will agree on the fact that vacation is something we all need after a long period spent at work or doing other activities. Vacations are not only good for our mental health, but they’re also great because they give us some rest. So here are some general ideas on how to turn your next vacation into the most luxurious experience that you will remember for a long time. One of the best and most obvious ways to set your foodie event apart is with special ingredients you can’t find just anywhere. Think a pre-release of a product that’s about to become hot, or a rare, foraged, seasonal mushroom handpicked by the chef herself.

In fact, 65% of food and drink event attendees are more likely to attend a special food and drink event if the menu has unexpected ingredients or food combinations. I particularly liked the artist loft and the newsroom settings. They are unique and yet attractive settings for modern offices.

Custom Ink on Facebook

Hybrid events are becoming a go-to event type for more and more industries. To ensure a smooth event is achieved, companies can’t just hope and pray for things to go right, they need certainty.

  • They hosted their launch party in a lake house, taking care of all the details herself.
  • However, what you have to be wary of concerning vacation loans is the interest rate, which could fall between 1% to 6% of your loan amount.
  • As event planners, you also know that the theme is only the beginning.
  • Will definitely consider sharing these with my office manager.
  • Their best advice about launching business parties would be to set a budget when organizing a creative and fun event.

A consequence of people realizing that more and more webinars are pre-recorded, is that they lose the motivation to login on time or at all. Just make sure that it’s for all the right reasons by hitting the highway with financial security.

It’s a merry season after all, and we decided to share our secret recipe for throwing parties everyone will love. A luxury vacation might be exactly what you need to relax after a hectic period at work or just to show yourself how much you deserve some well-deserved rest! The options mentioned above are only some of the ways through which you can make your trip luxurious and memorable. If you want to enjoy your vacation and feel like a king/queen, then there is no better way for making sure that your trip is exactly how you imagined it. If you want to turn your next vacation into something special, you need to book a place where you can stay in style. Don’t hesitate and book the five-star hotel of your dreams as soon as possible! Whether it is a resort or a luxury hotel, your stay should be one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

Headquartered in Chicago, BCD Meetings & Events brings people together to elevate experiences through remarkable event management whether hybrid or virtual. With a culture of purpose and a team spread across the globe, BCD M&E specializes in meetings management, event solutions and sports. These strategic management services are some of the most refined features offered by companies on this list and certainly bring the “wow” factor to 2022 hybrid events. Imagination is an experience design company founded on the idea of independent creativity and challenging the status quo. By refocusing their efforts around consulting, immersive destinations, innovative content, and live engagement, Imagination knows what it takes to produce and manage a hybrid event that succeeds. GPJ is the world’s leading event and experience marketing agency employing more than 1,400 workers across 30 global offices. This employee owned agency serves clients like Google, Under Armour, IBM, and a plethora of others who want a well executed in-person or hybrid event.

Make a space in your event where people can try the product themselves and set up a demonstration on how to use it properly. This will make your guest more interested, as well as gain knowledge on how it works. You could potentially gain new consumers and make them loyal consumers. Keep your posting schedule constantly updated throughout all the events and encourage guests to do the same. By doing this, you will bring real-time visibility by showing your posts and what’s currently happening at your event. Before every event, knowing exactly why you are hosting it in the first place is vital to its success.

Office Layout Idea #4: The Artist Loft

Employees tend to be extremely busy towards the end of the year, so a lot of the time, the information you share can be overlooked. It’s also really important to have a place where all the details are available for everyone to consult at any time. At TravelPerk, we use Notion as a centralized hub for information of this kind. We also open up relevant Slack channels for each event and have a dedicated email address so people can ask questions when they need to. No matter what, I think that the best thing about booking a yacht tour is that it allows you to see many interesting places within one single outing.

It’s time to get creative

By doing any of the two, you will get your guests involved and stay until the end of the launch party. If you’re looking for a unique launch party idea, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find a tailored guide to host a successful business or product party, with creative ideas and tips to make it even more memorable. Many company outings focus on obvious varieties of fun—picnics, volleyball tournaments, etc.