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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

A courteous and professional customer support team is a sign that your cryptocurrency exchange is reliable. Hire customer support staff who are friendly and loyal to reach your clients and help them in any challenges. Based in California, they offer bespoke and highly functional crypto exchanges to their clients. This company has managed to provide exchange solutions to customers in over 20 countries.

AlphaPoint’s onboarding process includes a dedicated deployment team to ensure a smooth setup, comprehensive technical and functional training, client environment configuration, and validation handover. Additionally, it is better if your crypto exchange software has both a web and mobile version. The majority of people are now connected to the internet through their phones, so both Android and iOS support is necessary. Users don’t have to sign up and provide personal data, which ensures their complete anonymity.

The Basic plan is ideal for those new to the crypto business, costing just $700 per month or $5,500 per year. These higher-tier plans provide more extensive functionality for businesses with specific needs and requirements in the crypto space. HollaEx offers open-source exchange software, crypto tools, and white-label solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their whiten label exchange software is tailored to businesses looking for a low-cost, customisable, and quick-to-market solution, focusing on cloud exchange hosting. Clone the success of a prominent crypto trading platform by leveraging our elite quality white label crypto currency exchange script solutions.

Adopting a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, ChainUP facilitates the deployment of complete or selective modules such as Crypto-Crypto, OTC, and User-to-Contract transactions. An organization that purchases a white label cryptocurrency exchange won’t need a vast technical resource team to oversee and review it. Devexperts is an expert white-label trading platform that supports the trading of multiple assets.

If it’s a completely unique product with no overlap whatsoever with existing exchange-related functionalities, then it’s best to begin from scratch. White-label solutions aren’t fit for requirements that involve high customization and complex use-cases such as lending, borrowing, and derivatives. However, in doing so, you must keep pace with the latest innovations and dynamic changes in technology. Moreover, your intended solutions must be resilient to surges in trading volume.

  • Any exchange platform must have access to adequate liquidity sources so that the buyers and sellers get their best price.
  • Relish the unlimited potential of your business with our fully customized white label crypto exchange development services embedded with top security elements.
  • This makes it the best option for businesses trying to provide their services as soon as possible in a competitive crypto market.
  • Our skilled developers at Clarisco provide a variety of crypto exchanges that include all of the essential features for a smooth trading experience.
  • LetsExchange supports a variety of coins, offers both fixed and floating rate options, and doesn’t apply upper transaction limits.

Remember that a white label crypto exchange comes with a core that is ready for operation. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are platforms that execute trades using smart contracts, thereby cutting out the middleman. They offer peer-to-peer trading between crypto users, which is crucial for security reasons. Peer-to-peer trading means users won’t have to hand over control of their coins to a third party.

This is a usual problem faced by many businesses such as crypto exchange services, but white label cryptocurrency exchange software can take care of that in an instant. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange is integrated with the major exchanges and liquidity providers that enables you to offer trading with a vast variety of digital assets. Historically, setting up a cryptocurrency exchange has been a complex process. But with the introduction of white-label solutions, it has become much more accessible. Starting with a white label crypto exchange means you won’t have to start from scratch. White-label cryptocurrency exchanges offer a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional exchange development.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Main Specs

If your user base likes using Coinbase for example, then a standard crypto kit solution such as the HollaEx or even AlphaPoint could be an option. It is important to think of the users that you’re trying to build for. Finally, if you aren’t crypto tech savvy you’re going to have a hard time putting it all together and so some technical capabilities might be necessary.

Almost every broker strives to give its customers a variety of investment options, particularly for those who do not want to trade on their own. The employment of customized trading robots, which can be operated directly on their accounts, allows them to accomplish this goal. This crypto-to-crypto conversion solution allows business owners to conduct operations in either fiat or cryptocurrency mode.

Build And Launch Your Own White Label P2P Crypto Exchange Platform

Whether investing or running your exchange yourself being part of the crypto infrastructure pie, as a long-term investment, is a winning business strategy, as well as a wise lucrative EV bet. Decentralized exchanges enable peer-to-peer transactions without a central authority, reducing the risk of hacks and fraudulent activities. SegWit does not keep digital signatures, which frees up valuable space within a block, which serves as the foundation for a decentralized blockchain network. Additionally, the Firebase database and BIP-32 compliance were introduced.

Banks in some countries (e.g., India) are still afraid to do business with crypto companies. This is important to know before you start marketing your business online. Violating any of these laws will also lead to fines or even permanent closure.

The team also designed it with a customized UI that offers traders the ultimate functionality and convenience. ChainUP is a Chinese made blockchain technology service provider founded in 2017 and the company has numerous product lines, in addition to the white-label crypto exchange software solution. ChainUP has offered its services to over 500 clients across the world, covering 20 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States, the Middle East, and other regions of the world. HollaEx enables the implementation of on and off ramps for fiat payment products, including white-label debit cards, online e-commerce payments, and more.

In contrast, the company or individual that purchases the white label exchange can customise it to meet their specific needs. Lastly, the expertise, experience, and nationality of a white label cryptocurrency exchange development company also significantly impact the white label crypto exchange cost. Get in touch with subject matter experts at Antier today to get your future-proof digital asset exchange tailored to your specified budget and deadline. Any exchange platform must have access to adequate liquidity sources so that the buyers and sellers get their best price.